Cerinate Lumineers®

If you’re interested in getting a stunning smile without hassle or discomfort, Cerinate Lumineers® could be the ideal solution for you. At our practice at Owego Dental, we offer a choice of advanced cosmetic restorations to makeover your smile.

With Cerinate Lumineers®, our trained dentist near you can mask discolored, chipped, and stained teeth.

Comparing Cerinate Lumineers® and Standard Veneers

Veneers are made of extremely thin porcelain that can be fastened to the front surface of your tooth. However, Lumineers® is crafted from specially patented Cerinate porcelain, which is a pressed form of porcelain. Cerinate Lumineers® in Owego, NY, offers a stunning finish, superior durability, and natural-looking results.

Although Lumineers® are ultra-thin and subtle, they are twice as strong as traditional veneers. There are minimal chances of chipping and breaking. Regardless of the type of veneers you choose, they are personalized in terms of size, shape, color, and translucency for your needs.

Procedure for Cerinate Lumineers®

While Lumineers and veneers are both bonded onto the front of your tooth, the procedures are different. While we need to remove a little tooth structure to support veneers, Cerinate Lumineers® can be applied after thoroughly cleaning and sanding the tooth. Dr. Rani Dasgupta needs to shave down a little tooth structure for conventional veneers due to the (comparatively) slightly higher thickness of the veneer.

Thanks to the ultra-thin Cerinate Lumineers® near you, patients no longer need to come in for two visits to get temporary and then permanent veneers.

Multiple Benefits of Cerinate Lumineers®

Patients love Lumineers® for a number of reasons:

  • A pain-free process with no anesthesia
  • No need for temporary veneers
  • Extremely natural finish (only 0.2mm thickness)
  • No post-procedure sensitivity
  • Can be placed over dental bridges and crowns

Cerinate Lumineers® are known for their extraordinary strength, superior durability, and resistance to micro-chipping. Our skilled dentist in Owego, NY, can provide Cerinate Lumineers® to transform your smile.

Please call Rani Dasgupta, DDS, for a Cerinate Lumineers® smile that can last for as many as 20 years or more, with your original tooth structure still intact.

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