Emergency Dental Care

We provide emergency care for common dental emergencies, including:

Dental Pain/Toothache: Whether it occurs in the middle of the night or during the day, dental pain can be excruciating and sometimes downright debilitating. A toothache is indicative of an underlying problem and must be addressed with urgency. If you’re experiencing dental pain, our dentist in Owego, NY, can help you find a quick and lasting solution.

Broken Tooth: Broken teeth have no home remedies—you must visit a dentist. Whether sustained after a traumatic injury or as a result of cavities, a broken tooth poses a high risk for infection. The earlier you get treatment for a broken tooth, the better your chances of preventing complications.

Please note that certain dental emergencies will require referral to an appropriate specialist. This will be determined after an exam and X-ray. 

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